• After your inquiry is received, one of our experienced project managers will reach out to further discuss your project and key critical path information:
    • Design Inputs available
    • Launch Date
    • Quantities
    • Branding Options
  • Our project manager will execute an NDA and provide access to share design files and begin the layout

We do cases and trays every day. We pride ourselves on providing robust, durable, functional cases that continue to provide value to you for years after they arrive on your dock.

We start that process by importing your design files and beginning a 3D layout for your approval. With the information gathered at the outset of the project, we will provide you a quote that incorporates the needs of your project with the submission of our layout.

After collaborating with you on the layout and making any necessary adjustments, you are able to step back while we quickly go to work with unmatched efficiency in completing your design and getting it ready for prototyping or production.

We understand the critical nature of the cases we provide to you. We also understand that cases are often the last road block to launching your product. We work diligently to include internal, incremental milestones that allow us to push forward and keep your project on track.

Our in-house manufacturing process allows us unparalleled control over our delivery. With minimal out-sourced processes, we are able to incorporate lean manufacturing principals that bring your project together quickly, and accurately, thanks to constant internal oversight. We are able to work under the mantra, “Be Quick, but Don’t Hurry”, to ensure that your project is always moving forward as quickly as it can be, but without sacrificing quality in any way.

Every project is unique and relies on positive collaboration. While we often beat our internal estimates, we stand by these leadtimes:

  • Initial Layout: 1 Week
  • Final Design Approval: 2-3 Weeks
  • Prototype:   
    • Level 1 (fit and function, no anodize) – 1-2 Weeks
    • Level 2 (Validation, Anodized, Nylon Coated, no graphics) – 3-4 Weeks
    • Level 3 (Final Production, Fully finished, production quality) – 6 Weeks
  • Production: 5-8 Weeks depending on quantity and complexity