When you are ready to begin a project, or are planning ahead for one you have coming up, contact us. We work around your launch requirements or timeline. Be sure to let us know what you're targeting for validations, prototypes, or launch date, so we can be sure to make it happen.



After we've talked, signed necessary NDAs, and have earned your trust to review your project, send us your 3D models, prints, and logo files. We will import them and provide an initial layout, usually in a few days, along with a preliminary quote. If you already have an image or prints, we can quote from that too.

3D Modeling


After your approval of our layout or quote, we will complete the 3D modeling, keeping you in the loop along the way with various incremental approvals. Last minute instrument or implant changes happen. Whether you're adding an instrument, or the major centerpiece ended up changing, we are dedicated to working it out and keeping you on schedule.



After approval of the 3D models, we work with you to finalize the graphics that will make your case uniquely yours, sure to stand out. Our wide offering of graphics include in-house screen printing with outlines, 3D effect, single or multi-color. Additionally, we offer industry standard dye sublemation, or UV printing, and laser marking.



After finalizing graphics, we are ready to prototype, or go straight to production. Approximately 6 weeks later, you get your cases and we get ready to start your next project.