Our library of more than 100 standard case and tray configurations, designed to maximize compatibility in DIN/US rigid containers or blue wrap, get your product to market fast, while providing a multitude of options to express your company’s identity. Whether your case is based on our library platform, you already have an established brand identity, have a specialty device that falls outside of our standard configurations, or just want something that is exclusively yours, we have got you covered.

Whether it’s screws, trials, plates, and more, ContainMed has an answer. We use a variety of materials and build techniques, including aluminum, stainless steel, or polypro to effectively capture your valuable implants and ensure they are effectively sterilized. Additionally, we have solved the ever challenging danger of screws being able to escape their caddy with our patented SURGrip retention method. SURGrip eliminates the need for a lid, thanks to our unique design utilizing USP Class IV silicone sheet.

Our 510(k) cleared VersaPod case and tray system allows you to custom configure any of our modular accessories to quickly, and cost effectively, create your own solution. Whether you are planning clinical trials, have not yet finalized your instrument set for a custom solution, or just need a few cases to better organize one of your sets, this is the solution for you. Our full service catalog gets you parts in days, not weeks.