We work closely with our clients to design and develop custom implant and screw caddies to meet the unique requirements of each project.

We design to our customers' specifications; however, our patented SURGrip Logo screw caddy system utilizes a silicone retention sheet with “teeth” that securely grips each screw which makes a lid unnecessary.

  • Patented retention sheet requires no lid to keep screws secure
  • Screw sizes as small as 1.5mm can be accommodated
  • SURGrip Logo design incorporates a tiered bottom to allow for immediate identification of screws that have been incorrectly loaded into the caddy
  • Screw heads stand above the top surface enabling easy pick-up during procedures
  • Barcode printing available to assist in inventory management
  • Built in size gauges aid in identifying screw length and diameter
  • Aluminum and propylux caddies with lids also available

ContainMed Screw and Implant Caddies

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