Our modular cases and trays utilize a modular design and standard accessories which can be built-to-order by ContainMed as an economical, custom solution or self-assembled in the field for maximum flexibility.  Additional or replacement components can be ordered as necessary and layouts are easily altered or replaced at any time.  

  • Bases, Covers, and Holding Accessories
    • One piece, deep-drawn aluminum construction for durability and reduced weight
    • Glove and wrap friendly contours
    • Compatible with rigid containers
    • Standard 250 x 510mm footprint
    • Available in 40, 60, 82 and 102mm depths
    • Insert trays compatible with 82 and 102mm depth bases
    • Silicone holding accessories, handles, and finger mats available in blue and black
    • Silicone holding accessories rated to 10,000 hours of continuous steam autoclaving
  • Anodizing and Graphics
    • Custom anodizing available in multiple colors
    • Screen printed or Laser engraved graphics aid in product identification as well as marketing
    • Graphics available from simple outlines to full color images
  • Approximate Lead Times
    • Off the shelf components – 1 week
    • Custom anodizing – additional 2 weeks
    • Custom graphics – additional 2 weeks
    • Custom anodizing with graphics – additional 3 weeks
    • Custom silicone accessories - please contact us for a quote

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